Thursday, October 1, 2009

BC Fashion Week Day 2: Generation Next & Red Jade

2pm: Generation Next
BC Fashion Week's annual Generation Next show is a competition for new local designers, where the winner is judged on her business plan as well as her designs. The prizes include a sponsored show in next year’s BC Fashion Week, a photo shoot with Vancouver photographer Angela Fama, a session with an accountant, free PR with Honey Mustard Fashion and Media Services and a booth at Portobello West. Today, the three finalists who showed their collections at the competition are: Pauline Siu of flora & fauna, Su-Hui Chu of Ella Peru Clothing, and Patty Nayel of Pure Magnolia

This year's Gen Next was all about taking care of the good earth. The flora & fauna's moth-themed collection consisted mainly of sporty separates and carefree and short dresses. All of the pieces were made ethically, sustainably and locally in Vancouver.

Wearability was the key to the Ella Peru collection. Colourful patterned fabrics were cut and put together simply for every woman's consumption.

Pure Magnolia's collection catered to eco-brides. Don't let the green label fool you though - natural materials still do make glamorous gowns.

After the show, Ella Peru was announced the winner of the competition. Congratulations, Su-hui!

The eco-friendly theme brought in a number of other likeminded designers and attendees to the show. Seen in the crowd with her adorable son was Nicole Bridger, a former winner of Generation Next who is also known for her focus on environmentally friendly fabrics and practices.

Claire Burke, owner of Planet Claire which specializes in sustainable clothing for men and women, was also there with a friend who was sporting an outfit from her store. Designer Caterine Sanchez donned her locally made cheery skirt for the occasion.

5pm: Red Jade
The Red Jade designer Margarita Angelatos is yet another former Gen Next winner, as well as being one of the growing number of eco-designers. Her collection had a real West-Coast feel to it -  lots of movement with looser silhouettes, absence of stuffiness, youthful and clean lines in eco-luxurious natural fabrics. Her capri pants, in particular, were beautifully constructed.

Unfortunately, I couldn't make it to the 8pm Malene Grotrian show. The VCC Fashion Show was happening at the same time and I didn't want to miss my friend Katerine's show. You would think the both groups could have coordinated a bit better! Talk to each other next time, please.
Anyway, the details of the VCC show to come tomorrow...


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